Friday, October 14, 2011

We're at the airport!

Wish I had taken a photo of the pile of luggage! 
Most of it was equipment and panels for paintings!
We had a bit of a snafu with our check in. For some reason, everyone was registered as Susan Blackwood and Howard Friedland. However, it all got straightened out now.
There are 8 of us flying to Hong Kong from Chicago including Howard and myself.  You can see my companions below.   Nancy Crookston and her husband Gar from San Francisco and Neil Patterson and his wife Vera from Canada will meet us in Hong Kong.

Bill Chambers - Arlington Heights, Il
Ken Cadwallader -Grand Rapids, Michigan

Susan Blackwood (ME) - Bozeman, Montana

 Kurt Anderson - Tucson, Arizona

 Zhiwei Tu. ( fearless leader ) - Woodridge, II
Ken Dewaard - Chicago Heights, Il
Clayton J Beck III - Oak Forest, IlI

Howard Friedland - Bozeman, MT

The plane is starting to load!
Next stop CHINA!!

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