Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We arrived!!

And best of all.... So did all of our luggage!
Right now we are waiting for Nancy and Gar Crookston, they are flying in from San Francisco. Neil and Vera Patterson, just flew in from Vancouver, Canada. Www.neilpatterson.com.

The flight was very long. The food was good and the movies fun!
Howard and I splurged and got the Ecomony Plus seats and got 8 more inches of leg room.
If you are flying long distances, this is really worth it!

I need to make a correction on the photos that I sent in the last blog....

This is Ken Dewaard with the black beard

And this is Kurt Anderson sitting with Zhiwei Tu

My apologies for the incorrect labeling of the photos and I misspelled some names.

It's a sunny day here in Hong Kong!!!

Stay tuned!

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