Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day Four

Hi Everyone out there in cyber space! Thank you for following our adventures here in China!
Our dear friend Molly has requested that I include some photos of us as we are painting. Great idea! Actually I have been meaning to do this each day, but the painting time is so limited that before I can blink, the paintings are being framed and the artists have cleaned up and put away their palettes. I have a plan for the next time that we paint.... I will take a couple breaks, walk away from my painting with my iPad in hand and take some of those much requested action shots!

Big day today! The bus didn't leave the hotel until 9:30 am so we had about an hour and a half to get a few things done, like arranging for our laundry to be done ( love it)! I also was able to help Nancy and Gar with their iPads. They now have the ValueViewer, an incredible app from the App Store that is sponsored by Plein Air Magazine.... A must for every artists....the magazine and the app! check it out! Enthusiasm for the iPad is spreading like wildfire!

First we headed to the gallery to sign our paintings and add finishing touches. Each of us will be hanging 5 paintings, holding back our 6th one to be added when we sell a painting.
Seeing all of our paintings together at the same time was very impressive. It will be a fantastic show of 60 paintings! Most of us didn't bring our easels, so we worked on the floor.

Here is Howard singing one of his paintings.

Here is another one of Howard's paintings that I Love!

After we did our touch ups, we were in for an amazing day of touring.
First stop,the Bao Mo Gardens and the amazing gate, the largest gate in China and it is huge and stunningly beautiful! The Eiffel Tower of the Orient!

This recently restored garden dates to the last days of the Qing Dynasty ( 1644 to 1911 -the last imperial dynasty ) in the village Zini near Shawan town. The garden is a fine specimen of the Lingnan architecture.

Lunch at the Jie Da Huan Xi restaurant was great and huge. The food is all so incredible that it is hard not to sample it all, but, like I said, our pants are shrinking!

That left the afternoon to tour two more incredible gardens, both palaces at one time nearly destroyed and then recently restored to it's fabulous glory! This was breath- takingly beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and amazing. Soaring architecture, exquisite carvings, reflecting ponds filled with happy fat fish... The famous Koi fish are Nnot for eating like the many we have seen swimming their last minutes before we ate them. These beautifies were just for the pleasure of the senses. I could watch them for hours! All it took was a handful of crumbs and these gentle creatures turned into a rugby tournament of twisting and jumping to get the treats. Howard and I were amazed! Years ago we gave up trying to keep our gold fish live and here we were gazing down at the healthiest, happiest fish we had every seen!

Everywhere we looked was a painting and our cameras got quite a workout, as did our iPads.

Finally we took some photos of each other, too!

Nancy and Gar Crookston

Bill Chambers

Howard and I

The whole gang

Eddie, our great leader, with lots of our cameras for a group photo!

Back to the hotel to blog, send e- mails, Skype and get ready for the Opening of our show! The organizers reported tonight that they have sold over 130 tickets to the event and today they had special invitations to clients and share holders to come in ahead of the opening to get first pick of the paintings...... They sold 20 paintings already!... But no one knows which paintings sold!

Stay tuned!

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  1. How exciting! Best of luck. It's a wonderful experience, adventure really! Thanks for sharing it with us.