Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As artists we are so connected to those people that love and collect our art. When they respond with their hearts, it is a connection that fuels our fires and drives our spirit to
create at deeper and richer levels. Thank you so much, all of you that love art and all of you that love it enough to bring it home. 

Here is a beautifully expressive poem written by one of our collectors, Judy Bowman from Great Falls. She feels our paintings so deeply.  This poem really expresses her heart as she made a decision to purchase one of my husband, Howard Friedland’s paintings at the Western Masters Show about 2 weeks ago.

Our home is warmed by your art;
Each piece hits a different chord -
All music to the ear unsung,
But to the heart....concertos, sonatas, chorales.

Stories behind each painting:
Delight and surprise with three.
Betty's Coop?  Susan's mom was dying.
Mother had gone home in February.

The fellas are a blessing.
Are they brothers on opposing sides?
Should a cello accompany their visit?
We praise God this with us abides.

And Howard's? We've longed to own one.
Sunlit Pasture's harmony struck separately.
Gary said, "Judy, buy it."
God shines through........I weep.

By Judy Bowman

This is the painting of Howard’s that she and her husband Gary bought.
 Sunlit Pasture    12 x 16 Oil    by Howard Friedland