Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Sweet Dreams 9 x 12 oil

Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Cat 5 x 7 oil

Shhhh, everyone is asleep. The lights on the Christmas tree have clicked off. The house is quiet, my heart is full, my soul rejoices.

Thoughts are circling my head. What really is Christmas?

Christmas is not about giving,

we can’t possibly give as much as God gives to us.

Christmas is not about getting,

we already have been given so very much in so many ways.

Christmas is not about parties,

how could we possibly celebrate enough the birth of Christ.

To me, Christmas is a time to slow down and embrace all those around me, cherish their love, and their precious lives, rejoicing in the gift of knowing each of them. Most of all, it is a time for me to draw God deep into my soul and trust him with all of my heart.

The past two or three years have been a very scary time for most of us. There have been financial fears, emotional strains, and losses of loved ones. Some of us have been very sick, and some of us have been very alone. But through it all, we have God. He has always been there. He is the one rock that gives us high ground for safety. Reach out, even if you are fearful. Find God in your heart. He has always been there. Reach out and make new friends. Find your family. Heal broken ties. In doing so, you will find God right by your side.

This is a time of year that encourages all of us to remember that we are all from the same family of God. He loves us, one and all. Now That is a GIFT!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

This Time of Year

I love the Holidays. I love the color and the lights, the parties and the warmth of family and friends reaching out to each other. I delight in the decorations….. the Christmas Tree and the lights of the Menorah. The Holidays are a busy time for all of us. Some years I get the Christmas tree up just after Thanksgiving and some years I am muttering under my breath, “why didn’t I do this sooner” as I hurry to set up the tree on Christmas Eve. This year, to my great delight I set “her” up right after Thanksgiving. Now each night we have a lovely display of twinkling little lights from our living room. Ahhhhh.

Many Stories 30 x 40 oil

Don’t get me wrong. I agree, it is a busy time that can be so flustering for all of us, too. Add to that, all the parties and life gets a bit crazy. Most years Howard and I host an Open House in our Studios during the Holidays. It's great fun and a lot of work, but it is well worth it. We get to display our paintings, see friends and party for two or three days! We had one last weekend and it was wonderful.

Walking with My Sister 12 x 16 oil

Ever since I began drawing and painting, I have had an extra “artist’s dose” of the Holiday rush in the form of painting commissions for people for Christmas and Hanukkah. This is the time that I get create little and big treasured paintings for other people’s gifts. These paintings are often of their love ones, people and/or pets, but I have also done special homes, cars, boats and planes, favorite views and magical memories.

One More Time 6 x 8 oil

This is the time that I really experience how paintings bring joy into people’s lives. These creations probably will never be exhibited in a show or gallery or even sold. The families will keep them. These paintings will travel through time and generations. Originally painted as a little son or beloved pet, treasured home or special spot.... years later these paintings will be handed down to each generation as a painting of great grandpa, the beloved family dog, their very first home or family vacation spot. Being a part of this special joy really blesses me!

Sherican 8 x 6 oil

I like to wear red all year long, but especially during the Holidays when I feel like one of “Santa’s Helpers.” So, I had better get back to the easel, Christmas Eve is fast approaching!

Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Dog 6 x 8 oil

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Howard’s Pumpkin

10 x 8 oil

‘Tis the season to be thankful and I am. I am so grateful for all of my life. The good, bad and ugly. I have had a wonderful life of travel, love and inspiration. Sure, like everyone, there have been plenty of not so wonderful experiences, too. So, I choose to let go of those thoughts and memories. Today, as I think of how full my cup really is, I am grateful for all of the wonderful friends, family and strangers in my life that encouraged me to be an artist. Some bought paintings, some showed up for my shows and many many cheered me on as my career climbed and my brush strokes became more determined and confident. Thank you, all of you. Your support, joy and enthusiasm for my work have given me the courage to grow as an artist.

The list of things that I am grateful for is incredibly huge! One of them is….I am thankful for the colors in the world.

Color is the icing on life. Everyday we are tickled and thrilled by hues and chroma that surprise and delight us. As an artist I have learned to look beyond the obvious color of red, or blue or yellow or green and instead look at the very subtle color that is reflected into the known color. For example: How often I have seen the red of someone’s sweater splashing into his or her chin, changing the skin shade to red. The same thing happens when a green tree is close to a red barn. We see the red barn, we see the green tree, but if we look very close, we actually see the green of the tree bounced into the red of the barn and visa versa. Once my eyes were open to this beauty, I see it all around me. Color, all by itself, can put a song in my heart. I love color! I am so grateful for color.

On Cottonwood

8 x 10 oil