Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are you ready for another adventure?

Well, hand on to your hat! Howard­­­­ and I are in the midst of preparing to paint in China! 
Yes, I said CHINA!!!!
I thought getting ready for France was a lot of work, but this takes the cake!

Okay, so now that I have your attention, I will give you a bit of information on the trip. We have been invited by artist Zhiwei Tu to be the guests of the Chinese Government.
You can see Zhiwei Tu's work at the links below: 

The trip will be 20 days in the province of  Guangzhou. During this time we will be painting 16 x 20 oil paintings in a different village each day and there will be two shows of our work while we are there.  From models to landscape, we hope to capture the spirit of China and I plan to share these images with you on my blog as they are happening.  Keep your fingers crossed that all cyber space systems are working.

Preparation has been everything from shots, mosquito medicine and visas- to bigger pochade boxes in order to accommodated the 16 x 20 canvas panels. We decided to order the 11 x 14 Open Box M Pochade boxes and they should be arriving any day.  Our wet box had to be bigger too. Since we are hoping to each paint at least 20 of these larger paintings, we will be bringing greater quantities of canvas panels and paint, than we have ever taken on our previous trips. Fortunately we have the perfect hard case for carrying 45 – 16 x 20 panels and it has wheels!

Trying to keep our amount of gear to a minimum because of the airline restrictions and penalties. we also both opted to get IPad 2’s rather than carry our heavy lap tops and several books to read. These new mini miracles will do all that and more and be easy to tote around.  Thankfully, the weather will be in the low 80’s, so we can pack lighter clothes.
Oh, and in return, the Chinese Government is asking that each of us bring one painting for their museum. This is the painting that I am giving to them.

Wen-di         18 x 14 Oil

So, stay tuned as our journey begins October 12th.