Friday, October 21, 2011

Day Five

Oh Boy! The Desheng International Canvas Week opened with a wonderful ceremony and an excellent exhibit. Actually there were three exhibits in the compound. Our exhibit was the main feature and then there was two more exhibits of local and regional artists. How exciting to see our brush strokes link across the ocean in a common language!

We had prominent speakers from the American Consulate General, the Commerce Department and others. We were very honored! They cut the ribbons and the show opened.

You can't imagine how exciting it was to see our work appreciated by so many people. Regardless of the language barrier, our paintings spoke to their hearts. More paintings were sold. An interesting side note... Instead of putting a red dot or writing sold on the title card, this exhibition placed a card next to each sold painting that said "this painting is cherished."  It gives more respect to the painting. I like that!

The reporters from tv and radio were very busy interviewing the artists. here is Bill Chamber surrounded with reporters.

These three photos show only 1/4 of the show. Over 70 paintings.... It was all hung at eye level in a huge room.

There was a plaque for each artist with our bio and our photo in Chinese and in English.

By two pm we were back on the bus and heading to our hotel. The afternoon was free and a bunch of us chose to stroll the streets taking in the shops and getting great photos of the local sights, people and buildings of downtown Shunde. Clayton J Beck III was honored with a commission of the newly elected Governor that we had dinner with several nights ago. So while we were hitting the streets, the governor was posing for his portrait and Clayton's brushes were flying.

Okay, side note..... We all stopped into the Kentucky Fried Chicken place, just for a few snacks this afternoon. It tasted so good, really, that we returned for dinner and had a great time. The Chinese really know how to cook chicken...even for a Kentucky Fried restaurant!

The evening air was a perfect temperature laced with spices from all the street vendors cooking up their specialties. 
Great night....good night!

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  1. Susan- thanks so much for posting about your travels in China. Bill is my dad, and lots of us are thrilled to be able to follow this adventure. It sounds so thrilling! I imagine that the rapid painting is as exhilarating as the new sights. Keep it comin'! ~Tim Chambers