Thursday, October 6, 2011

One week from today...

our trip begins. The time is moving quickly, but we are pacing ourselves and getting a ton of things checked off our “to do” list. I can’t believe how much I can get accomplished in 16 hour work days!
Our main focus right now is on our exciting two-person show in Bernardsville, New Jersey on
November 4th - November 30th at Highlands Art Gallery. We are putting our final tweaks to our paintings, photographing, varnishing, framing and making lots of trips to Fed Ex. We will be going from China to New Jersey for the Reception on November 8th.  We will be there from  6 to 9pm and at an open house on Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

At the other end of our studio, our China packing is also moving right along.  Our painting equipment is all gathered together; even the ordered “stuff” has arrived. Last big item on the list is preparing 40 canvas panels 16 x 20 (20 for each of us).  So far, we have cut 3/16th inch gator board panels and the canvas pieces (Clausens #13 oil primed Belgium linen). Tomorrow we will do the gluing and Friday, the trimming. (If you want to read how to do this read Howard’s article HERE . We have one suitcase dedicated just to the panels. It is a hard sided Pelican case, perfect size for 16 x 20’s.

I know that you are curious, so here is my painting set up.

It is centered around a 11 x 14 Open Box M pochade box on a Gitzo tripod with some fun attachments. The neat looking foldable wastebasket is something I found at EasyL.  (Looks a lot better than my typical recycled grocery sack that blows in the wind )  All that is missing in this photo is my Easy L umbrella that attaches to my tripod.

The lightweight-folding stool has a back to it, ahhhh. Laying on the seat is my iPad, a great plein air tool…just in case an interesting water buffalo should wander past and I want to include it in my painting. Oh and the cute little fluffy white guy is Mack and, no, he is not going, even though his ancestors were Temple dogs in China!
Tomorrow morning we get our last shot…. Hepatitis… ouch. 
Thanks for joining my site and “coming along” with us! Stay tuned!

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