Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day Two

Painting Day two and the beauty just keeps getting better and better... And so do the paintings. We visited two ancient bridges. Both are surrounded by the charming village of Feng Gia.

Woven through this village was a beautiful canal. How peaceful for us to paint in this quiet, quaint and tranquil place. Once again, the reporters and photographers were interviewing us as our brushes were flying over our canvas'.

Lunch was a banquet of Cantonese country cooking in an open air restaurant! Delicious!

Dinner was once again a gorgeous feast of unusual speciality dishes of the Canton region in a fabulous restaurant. I actually ate chicken feet! Every restaurant has a big turntable in the center of each table. All of the food is placed on the turntable and we turn it around to self serve what ever we desire. But tonight the turntable was huge and made of thick glass. It must have been 5 feet in diameter!

We are being treated like Royalty!

I am pretty tired so I will keep it short tonight. Here are photos of some of the paintings produced today! Each of us did one painting in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Clayton J Beck III's:

Nancy Crookston's:

Kurt Anderson's

Howard Friedland's:


Zhiwei Tu's:

 Ken Cadwallder's:

Tomorrow... Painting in a fishing village!

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  1. Susan, this is so exciting! And the paintings are all beautiful!