Friday, March 18, 2011

Focusing on a Theme

Getting ready for shows is like moving, especially for a big one like the Russell Week in Great Falls. It starts next week on the 16th and goes for 4 days of excitement and fun. Packing for it is our job this week. There are paintings, display panels, lighting, chairs, handouts, and all sorts of stuff. But the real work, of course, starts months before when we start packing up…. Paintings.

For months, Howard and I have been painting and framing. Actually the framing is happening now. Creating a show of a body of paintings is a very interesting process. One painting can set the theme for the paintings to follow. Howard and I both paint all kinds of subject matter, but this year, for this show, we both seem to have a focus to our paintings.

Howard’s paintings have a strong leaning toward light licking the edges of day, powerful landscapes that uplift the heart. I have always been in-love with his use of color, paint handling and light, but even more so this year.

Here is one of my favorites that seemed to set his direction… See what I mean! Powerful!

East Rosebud Morning 22x28 oil by Howard Friedland

So, you are asking, what is my theme? People! My main theme is people. This is the painting that started my focus.

Inner Thoughts 36x24 oil by Susan Blackwood

When I finished this painting, I realized that I wanted to center my show around paintings of people.

I don’t often have a focus to my shows. Typically I have a show that is varied in subject matter and sometimes even in style, because that is what I do. But recently I have been inspired the most by figures and portraits.

I will show you one more of mine that will be in the show.

Neil 10x8 oil by Susan Blackwood

I had lots of joy painting this one and when I get home… I can’t wait to paint some more people!

So, back to the packing….

Wish you all could join the fun in Great Falls at the Russell Week!