Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year,

A New Chapter, A New Day, A New Morning, each of us get this gift today. Embrace the possibilities of it all! Throw off the chains that are holding you back, dream big! Don’t be intimidated by the largeness of this opportunity, instead look at the next few minutes as the beginning of your new plan. Keep it simple; it is easier to stay the course. But plan big… no Bigger than that! Reach for the stars, not just the rooftops.

Then write it down. Commit it to paper. That will make this dream more real. Think of one step that would take you closer to your plan…. And you are on your way. Change begins in our hearts and in our brains. These are the greatest journeys of all. Think positive thoughts; believe it will happen, look for the beginnings. It may take time, but wonderful journeys are worth waiting for. Let your journey begin today!

Happy New Year!

His Light 18 x 14 oil


  1. I'm on my way...maybe our paths will cross at some point....

  2. Thanks for the motivating post beautifully and thoughtfully worded! So glad I found your blog and your fabulous art! Best wishes for an exciting and creative new year!

  3. Wish I could join you in France! You make your teaching trips sound so enticing - even if I only still draw stick people! Love you dear Susan!