Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Sweet Dreams 9 x 12 oil

Not a Creature Was Stirring, Not Even a Cat 5 x 7 oil

Shhhh, everyone is asleep. The lights on the Christmas tree have clicked off. The house is quiet, my heart is full, my soul rejoices.

Thoughts are circling my head. What really is Christmas?

Christmas is not about giving,

we can’t possibly give as much as God gives to us.

Christmas is not about getting,

we already have been given so very much in so many ways.

Christmas is not about parties,

how could we possibly celebrate enough the birth of Christ.

To me, Christmas is a time to slow down and embrace all those around me, cherish their love, and their precious lives, rejoicing in the gift of knowing each of them. Most of all, it is a time for me to draw God deep into my soul and trust him with all of my heart.

The past two or three years have been a very scary time for most of us. There have been financial fears, emotional strains, and losses of loved ones. Some of us have been very sick, and some of us have been very alone. But through it all, we have God. He has always been there. He is the one rock that gives us high ground for safety. Reach out, even if you are fearful. Find God in your heart. He has always been there. Reach out and make new friends. Find your family. Heal broken ties. In doing so, you will find God right by your side.

This is a time of year that encourages all of us to remember that we are all from the same family of God. He loves us, one and all. Now That is a GIFT!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Several times a day, i look back at the day i've had and all the gifts i received...some days it's a little harder to find these and i can only think of one or two..(though i'm sure there must be many more than that each day!!) i think today's been that kind of day....until i read this message....and it's been one of the BEST gifts in the last few days! this is one gift i can open again and again...whenever i feel there weren't that many gifts i shall return to this page, whatever the season...THANXS EVER SO MUCH! Happy Holidays...

  2. This was so beautifully written, Susan. It's something that should be published. You have a good heart and your work is lovely! I hope to meet you sometime! - Dot