Thursday, January 6, 2011

What makes you feel most whole?

Apple Boy 18 x 14 oil

Howard and I saw a great movie the other night: Good Night Mister Tom. Set in England during World War II, it is a heartfelt story of a little boy and an old man. Both wounded on the inside, both needing love. As the movie unfolds so do all the qualities that love encourages. To my delight, the little boy finds his voice in drawing and painting. That part of the movie didn’t surprise me, but it delighted me tremendously. I know the healing power of the right side of the brain and creativity.

Each of us needs to find that quiet spot inside of our hearts and minds to create. We need to return often to this special spot to feel whole, complete and safe. Music, dance, writing, jogging, gardening, decorating, crafting, and fine art, are but some of the many ways that we, humans, reach the magic spot and find quiet and peace in a noisy world.

Now that the wonderfully busy Holidays are over, it is truly time to feed the creative side. Get back to it, create! This is a message for my heart, too!

His Tender Care 24 x 36 oil