Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Howard’s Pumpkin

10 x 8 oil

‘Tis the season to be thankful and I am. I am so grateful for all of my life. The good, bad and ugly. I have had a wonderful life of travel, love and inspiration. Sure, like everyone, there have been plenty of not so wonderful experiences, too. So, I choose to let go of those thoughts and memories. Today, as I think of how full my cup really is, I am grateful for all of the wonderful friends, family and strangers in my life that encouraged me to be an artist. Some bought paintings, some showed up for my shows and many many cheered me on as my career climbed and my brush strokes became more determined and confident. Thank you, all of you. Your support, joy and enthusiasm for my work have given me the courage to grow as an artist.

The list of things that I am grateful for is incredibly huge! One of them is….I am thankful for the colors in the world.

Color is the icing on life. Everyday we are tickled and thrilled by hues and chroma that surprise and delight us. As an artist I have learned to look beyond the obvious color of red, or blue or yellow or green and instead look at the very subtle color that is reflected into the known color. For example: How often I have seen the red of someone’s sweater splashing into his or her chin, changing the skin shade to red. The same thing happens when a green tree is close to a red barn. We see the red barn, we see the green tree, but if we look very close, we actually see the green of the tree bounced into the red of the barn and visa versa. Once my eyes were open to this beauty, I see it all around me. Color, all by itself, can put a song in my heart. I love color! I am so grateful for color.

On Cottonwood

8 x 10 oil

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