Monday, October 28, 2013


Yes! We are having fun in Italy! Lots of painting, good food and wonderful sights, sounds and tastes! 

The Opera insights each evening have been terrific! Last Saturday night, Italy had Daylight Savings. I find it odd that the Montana isn't setting the clocks back this year until November 3rd?? Isn't that crazy? I thought that everyone all over the world changed the time ( if they were going to ) at the same time, on the same day. Shows you what I know..... How confusing! 

So, we set out clocks back, then when we fly home we will set them forward and then two days later we will set them back again. Just seems funny. 

Yesterday we had a pumpkin decorating contest. I was on the team with Cynthia Hamilton and Sunny Livesay. Here is our creation all made from vegetables and fruit. The judges will announce the winners tonight. We were inspired to use vegetables and fruit to create a likeness of our wonderful chief Deno!