Monday, October 14, 2013

First Italy Post

Buon Giorono! 

Right now...Howard and I are in New York, on our way to teach painting and drawing in Italy, Tuscany to be exact. This is an artist's paradise. The light is heavenly, the little red roofs delightful and the food incredible. 17 artists and 6 non- artists will be meeting us in Siena for a 10 day painting workshop. We can't wait to share our joy of Italy.  For months Howard has been brushing up on his Italian!
First question for artists, even before we think of "what is the weather like there?" Is... "What do I pack for art supplies??"  I always suggest as little and light as possible.


This is a very simple watercolor set, complete with some drawing tools.
On our trip, Some will be painting in watercolors, some in oils  and some will be drawing.
Word to the wise....Always pack your tubes of paint in your checked luggage.

As for clothes, bring as little as possible, dress in layers and for me I bring lots of scarves to make me feel like I have variety.

So, here we go, I will attempt to keep you up dated as we explore the vineyard and villages of autumn in Tuscany! Thanks for coming along as readers on this adventure! 

Wish you were with us,

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