Friday, July 23, 2010

Lessons Learned

Monday was my birthday. Funny how they keep showing up, but seems like the years are getting shorter at the same time. Another year zoomed by and another year up ahead, full of possibilities. It is up to me to use these years wisely. Not only do I want to grow as an artist, I want to grow as a person, giving more of myself to others, taking time to think carefully about my decisions and most of all loving all those in my life. Our treasures are not in “things,” but in depth. Depth of love, depth of relationships, to my husband, my family and friends, my little critters, my paintings and most of all my God.

I am so grateful for the years that I have been given on this earth and look forward to many, many wonderful memory building years ahead. Sure, I have had some bumpy roads throughout my life. Haven’t we all? But those ruts and detours have made me strong. Taught me to lean into God and given me a song in my heart. Pain can come in many ways: physically, emotionally, and mentally. All of it is devastating, but it also comes with lessons in love, patience, wisdom and faith.

At the Window of Life


Question: Do we get… so we can give? I think so, down through the years, my experience with the not so wonderful sides of life have helped me pass on lessons to others, much more so than those wonderful times of peace and joy in my life. It is those darkest times that I learned to reach out, learned to find my own strength and strength from God. Often times the strength came by simplifying my life down to the most important aspects of living.

Shining Through

Oil 30 x 24

Risky Business


Whoa, heavy thoughts for this glorious morning. One more thought and this is the best one: I can’t wait to see how this year will unfold. What will I be writing about a year from now and what new paintings will I have painted. My challenge… Sure, life is risky, take a chance. Dare to climb to new heights! What lies ahead is always very exciting…. Stay tuned!

Me at three


  1. I loved reading your B'Day thoughts Susan! We all need to have faith in these times of unrest. And your insights show me the deeper meaning in all your a word - luminous.

  2. BEAUTIFUL thoughts Susan, I can relate to them and recognize them.
    I hope you succeed in your pursuit and love blessings come your way always.