Friday, July 22, 2011

Do you journal?

Many of us write when we travel. I do, sometimes. It is a great way to record, not only the events, but also my feelings as I experience new people, new land and new cultures from New York to Nepal. As an artist, I also record expressions in drawings and paint. I love to chronicle those unspoken pings, pokes and thrills from my heart. My senses come alive when I visit a new environment and I interpret that into the way that I paint.

Coming home from France last Saturday, I brought not only memories, but a few treasures. I also locked into my consciousness a deeper sensitivity to life. It happens every day to all of us, but when I travel, the awareness is so much stronger and deeper. Once I am home, I paint and allow those fresh feelings of travel translate into a work of art.

On Sunday (with my luggage still missing and our friend Dorothy bringing us flowers from her garden) the mood was set for swinging my brushes on home turf!

This is the result, full of feelings and joy.


  1. Cette composition est vraiment superbe, tu rentres de France ? Tu étais à Paris, j'imagine!

  2. This painting is beautiful. I'm just finding you. Wow you are a world traveler!