Wednesday, April 14, 2010

still snowing in Bozeman

Yesterday it was still snowing and snowing and snowing here. I know that right now much of the United States is full of lush blooming flowers, but not here. Our spring is laced with snow and sun and robins far into May.
Two little daffodils bravely struggled to keep their heads above the heavy spring snow. Their little, bright spots of yellow remind me to enjoy the peace and quiet because the riotous colors of spring and summer will soon be here!
Good news! Today it is in the 60’s, the snow is melting rapidly, and we have incredible blue skies! Maybe we will have spring after all!


  1. Susan - lovely blog! You are as pretty as ever! Your paintings are still my favorites! HAppy Anniversary! Love, Claire

  2. Ditto the above...the weather must be very conducive to productive painting time for you two! And you are sharing your skills with others...beautiful. Let us know if you ever get this way....
    Hugs, Nita